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Background and information about 
Openmind Projects and its Cross Culture Trainers 

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Sven Mauleon and Duncan Foster

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Openmind Projects Mission

To bridge knowledge divides between rich and poor by helping the underprivileged gain access to better learning opportunities with the help of modern information technology and overseas volunteers.
To contribute to the conservation of our environment, nature and wildlife.
To offer overseas volunteers affordable and meaningful grassroots volunteer work abroad opportunities in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

Our Work

Openmind Projects currently supports some 60 aid, development and education projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal, and welcomes overseas volunteers to contribute their time, ability and generosity!

We offer amazing, often challenging opportunities for volunteers to go abroad to contribute in a meaningful way to a better future for local underprivileged people and to the conservation of  threatened nature and animal species.  We arrange for committed volunteers to work in aid and development projects with local colleagues helping the people and environment of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.  Before going to their projects we provide our volunteers a well known and appreciated three-day Volunteer and Cross Culture Training in Thailand.

Openmind Projects is totally independent, not affiliated with any government, political party or religious organization nor does it receive any funding or sponsoring from any such authority, institution, organization or corporation.  Contributions from volunteers abroad are the sole source of funding to support our field projects, local organization, Training Center, staff and sponsored trainees as well as volunteers in the field in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.


Sven Mauleon from Sweden and Gaweechat Joompaula from Thailand are the two co-founders of Openmind Projects. 

Sven is chairman and works as a volunteer.  He has extensive international management consulting experience in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia with multinational corporations and international organizations including the United Nations and World Bank. 

Gaweechat Joompaula, Toto, comes from a poor rice farming village in Northeast Thailand, has made an amazing trip to become the General Manager of Openmind Projects and also its  IT manager.  He was out first local volunteer and a pioneer in our pilot project IT in Isan,

Our History

2001 - Openmind Projects, then ITin Isan, pioneered computer training projects in poor northeast Thailand villages to see how the "digital divide" could be bridged.  ITinIsan focused on how to give poor children and teenagers a chance to learn, in particular, how to use computers and to learn other subjects by using computers and the internet.  See

We were invited to present our findings at international conferences sponsored by the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, the Asian Development Bank and others.  We received our first requests—unsolicited—from overseas volunteers in Thailand to help out in our projects.

2002 - Openmind Projects introduced computer and internet-based learning to Thai villages, orphan homes and poorly resourced schools to inspire students to use computers and the internet for learning English and other subjects.  Our efforts were featured  in the Bangkok Post and we were recognized by UNESCO.  We began inviting volunteers to teach in remote villages, schools and orphan homes.

2004 - Openmind Projects began to support sustainable eco tourism and community development in Laos and Thailand to benefit local people and wildlife.

Openmind Projects expanded to south Thailand.  We had just conducted workshops with local schools and national parks when on December 26 these areas were hit by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami; Openmind Projects was one of the first organizations whose volunteers helped bring aid to the local people.

2007 - We expanded our support to include projects in Cambodia and Nepal.

recommended Openmind Projects as one of their "Be Your Own Change" initiatives in which volunteers from international aid organizations were given the opportunity to record and share their experiences.

2008 - Openmind Projects was selected a finalist in the prestigious Stockholm Challenge for its work in ICT development and invited to Sweden.

2010-2011 - Openmind Projects expanded to include projects along the Thai-Burma border to help displaced/migrant Karen and other hill tribe minority peoples.

More about Sven Mauleon - International management consultant and social entrepreneur.

The initiator of the IT in Isan initiative,  and founder of Openmind Projects, Chairman of Openmind Projects.

Extensive experience of  international management and development consulting in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and SE Asia with multinational corporations, governments and international organizations including the U.N. Lecturer at Thammasath University, Bangkok, Thailand, and other institutions in Europe on cross culture and international management and strategies. Author of numerous articles on cross culture and management issues.

Sven has spent 10 years developing an aid and education organization training local talents to help other local but poor  talents. He has designed the renowned, very popular and appreciated activity based Cross Culture Training for Volunteers in SE Asia in which thousands of overseas volunteers have participated. He has also trained the local talents conducting the training.
Sven speaks several and understands even more languages.
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