Travelers and Tourists in Thailand, Southeast Asia

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Travelers and Tourists in Thailand, Southeast 


Openmind Projects offers Cross Culture training for travelers, tourists and backpackers too!

For those who really want to understand and enjoy even more the places they visit in Southeast Asia.

If you increase your understanding of the local culture and people you will enjoy your vacation even more!

Do you like to go to sightseeing in a new place, a new country?

Then why not spend a day "sightseeing" while learning about the local culture?

A large part of a trip abroad is relations and interactions with local people!

Learn about the local culture and you will enjoy your holiday even more!


We arrange Cross Culture Workshops for travelers in Thailand, Southeast Asia or they are welcome to join our monthly International Volunteer Training in Nong Khai in northeastern Thailand—Isan— by the Mekong River, the gateway to Laos.

Openmind Projects also arranges customized Cross Culture Training workshops for groups of tourists in Thailand, Southeast Asia, who want a very useful introduction to Southeast Asian culture.  Our workshops provide valuable and quick insights into Southeast Asian thinking, facilitating understanding and boosting your travel experience.

Consider: some features of Southeast Asian culture may interfere with your usual way of thinking and thus your enjoyment of your trip!

It is a helpful skill to know how other people think and feel.  It is called people or social skills and empathy!
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Travelers and Tourists in Thailand, Southeast Asia