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Multinational Corporations and Ex Pat Managers

Companies!  Why train your overseas managers and other staff to work in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia?

Some features of Southeast Asian culture may interfere with your ex pat managers' usual ways thinking and of doing business.  Then what?  Blame the locals?

Intercultural misunderstandings make companies lose money and people too.  Intercultural misunderstandings are all too common and unnecessary.  They result in strained relations, conflicts and lost efficiency, time and money!

Cross Culture Management: Why Cross Culture Skills?

Ex Pat Managers need Cross culture skills to maintain efficient intercultural relations and reduce losses due to inter cultural misunderstandings and conflicts.
Your company invests a lot of money to bring talented managers and experts overseas to Southeast Asia, Thailand, Laos or Cambodia. Surely you want them to do a good job quickly, to be efficient, and to be able to work with local staff of different backgrounds often with other values and priorities in life.  

Every marketing man and woman knows the first thing you need to know about a customer is what he needs, or better even, how he thinks!  To understand what your customer says is not enough.  To understand why he says so is better!  The same clearly goes for working with local colleagues in Thailand, Southeast Asia or anywhere else in the world.

Ex Pat Managers!  Understand your new colleagues!

Avoid misunderstanding your local colleagues.  Avoid them misunderstanding you.  Avoid time lost, friends lost, money lost.

Cross Culture Management Training in Thailand

Our training provides critical and quick insights into Southeast Asian thinking, facilitating understanding and cooperation and avoiding the typical misunderstandings that so often result from cultural and language barriers.

Openmind Projects arranges for customized Cross Culture Training for companies, managers and other ex pat employees who want a very useful introduction into major cultural differences between Western and Southeast Asian cultures.

The focus is on facilitating cross cultural understanding and avoiding the most frequent, frustrating and unnecessary misunderstandings that sour relations between foreigners—farangs—and their local colleagues.

Some typical inter cultural misunderstandings

The Thai "Maybe" and the ex pat "Maybe" experience: when the Thai says maybe it may mean No. You need to know when!

Mai Pen Rai means "never mind" or "you're welcome" but do you know what it really means?
Kreng Jai is to be considerate—a key behavior in Thailand—, not wanting to cause alarm or disturb someone.  That’s why the Thai will not tell you the bad news even when it's important to you!  How to make sure you get the bad news in time?  Do you know how?

"Thai time" versus "German timing".  How to compromise?  Do you know?

Relations go before results in Southeast Asia.  How do you work that to the benefit of your company instead of complaining that your local staff cares more about their family than their job?  Do you know?

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Cross Culture Management: Why cross culture skills? Multinational corporations.