Thais working with Westerners

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Thais working with Westerners

Working with and understanding 'farangs': Help them understand you!

An increasing amount of Southeast Asian and Thai managers and staff work with western colleagues, bosses, customers and/or tourists.  For success you need Cross Culture Skills to maintain good relations and reduce losses due to unnecessary inter cultural misunderstandings, even conflicts.

Why learn about Western culture and working styles?

You need to understand how your Western colleagues, bosses, customers or visitors actually think not only how they behave! 

You have decided to work in an organization where you will work with Western colleagues or customers or you have a Western boss.

You want your Thai managers and staff to work efficiently with Western colleagues.

Then consider that some features of Western culture probably interfere with your Thai managers' ways of thinking, working and doing business.  These features may lead to intercultural misunderstandings, common but unnecessary.  Strained relations may lead to conflicts that result in lost efficiency, time and money!

Results before Relations

Western managers think more about results than about relations!

Understanding Western bosses, colleagues or tourists

Obviously you need to speak and understand English well but that's not enough!  You need to understand Western attitudes to work, planning, deadlines and their need to feel in control.  So you need to understand something about your farang's different background and the values that influence his behavior!
And, equally important: you must help him understand your different background and values so he can understand your behavior.  You must always know what your Western colleague, boss or customer expects from you and make him understand what you expect from him!

How to help each other understand what you expect from the other?

Intercultural misunderstandings are common and unnecessary  

They result in strained work relations, conflicts and loss of time and money!  It is a helpful skill to know how other people think and feel.  It is called people or social skills, empathy!  To understand the language, what another person says is not enough.  To understand why he says so is more important!  It is much easier for you to understand your Thai colleagues and bosses than to understand a Westerner.  And it is much easier for him to understand his Western colleagues but you can help him!

Avoid misunderstandings!

Cross Culture Training is for you if you want to make a career in an organization with Westerners.  Our training provides critical and quick insights into Western thinking, thereby facilitating understanding and cooperation and avoiding the typical misunderstandings that result from cultural and language barriers. 
Openmind Projects arranges for customized Cross Culture Training for Thai managers and staff who want a very useful introduction into the major cultural differences between Western and Southeast Asian cultures.  The objective is to achieve successful cross cultural cooperation between foreigners— farangs and local colleagues.

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Thais working with Westerners