Volunteer and Teacher Overseas Culture Training

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Volunteer and Teacher Overseas Culture Training 


Cross culture, teach English and work abroad training 

Training abroad in Thailand for volunteers, teachers and other ex pats in SE Asia 

An amazing 3 day volunteer, teacher and ex pat abroad cross culture training, activity based introduction to SE Asian Culture. Gain valuable insights how to volunteer, teach and work in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, in SE Asia. Learn some Thai or Lao language too.


Volunteer, teacher, ex pat training in Thailand - what it is

Activity Based - Learning by Doing

Our volunteer training is activity based, instead of listening, you learn by interacting and communicating with local people right from the beginning. You learn about Southeast Asian culture, important "do's and don'ts", and the values behind, how to greet people, how to dress, and more. You learn basic Thai and Laos. You get an opportunity to use these skills immediately by ordering food at restaurants, going shopping, and introducing yourself to local people. Before arrival you get our Handbooks online. 


Volunteer abroad, teacher, ex pat training in Thailand- where it takes place

In the heart of Indochina!

The Cross Culture and Volunteer Training is held every month at Openmind Projects Training Center in the town of NongKhai, Thailand by the Mekong River, a melting pot of Indochinese cultures, on the border to Laos.


The different Volunteer, Teacher and Ex Pat Cross Culture Training abroad Training - Your costs

The Training Fee is 295 Euros and includes accommodation and meals at our center.

And it is free for our Openmind Projects volunteers, before you start, giving you 3 extra days of very valuable training!


If you are going to volunteer abroad

Make Your volunteer dollars, yen, yuan or euros count!
Why pay $60-90/€50-75 per day—the rates many Western volunteer organizations charge—when you can pay $22/€17 per day with Openmind Projects in Thailand for a two month placement?  We offer affordable and value for the money volunteer overseas fees that don't empty your pockets!  And they include three extra days of extremely useful cross cultural volunteer training before you start.

Volunteer, teacher, ex pat training overseas in Thailand- Training dates

January 4
February 1
February 29
March 28
April 11, (Thai school holidays)
May 2
June 6
July 11
August 15
September 26 (October Thai school holidays)
October 31
December 5
January 9
February 6
February 27
March 27
April 18 (Thai school holidays)
May 8
June 5
July 3
August 31
September 25
October 17 (Thai school holidays)
November 6
December 4

Volunteer Abroad Training