Volunteer and Teacher Abroad Training

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Volunteer and Teacher Abroad Training 

Cross culture training to teach in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

Cross Culture, Volunteer and Teacher Training in Thailand

Over 10 years experience of cross culture, teach and volunteer training in Southeast Asia!

Join a unique Cross Culture, Teaching and Volunteer abroad training in Thailand!  This is a specially designed training in Thailand for overseas volunteers and ex pat teachers.  You get an amazing 3 day activity based way of introducing you to Southeast Asian Culture and gaining critical insights in how to volunteer, teach and work in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, in Southeast Asia.

Activity Based Training = You learn by doing, not by being taught 

Watch this VDO with Katy and Amanda from Give & Getaway

Our volunteer training is activity based; instead of listening, you learn by interacting and communicating with local people right from the beginning!

You learn how to greet people, how to dress and be polite the Southeast Asian way.  You learn about Southeast Asian culture, important "do's and don'ts" and more importantly, what's behind the "do's and don'ts", i.e. the values!

You learn basic, survival Thai or Lao language skills, and you get an opportunity to use these skills immediately:
You go to order your own food at a restaurant, after just 2 hours training!
You go shopping, and introduce yourself to local people in Thai.  
You prepare lessons with local colleagues and train teaching in a real classroom setting with young local students.

Cross culture training in Southeast AsiaYou will be prepared

Would you rather go straight to a school and start teaching after having had only a short orientation about the country and school?  Even if you have a TEFL, TESL, you don't want to miss this different training!  The technical skills of teaching are just not enough.  You need the culture and social skills too to make a difference!


The Training in Thailand. Where 

In the very heart of Indochina!

This Cross Culture and Volunteer Training is held every month at Openmind Projects Training Center in Nong Khai, Thailand by the Mekong River, a melting pot of Indochinese cultures and the border to Laos.  What is a better place for a Southeast Asian cross culture experience?

Thailand is looking for Language Teachers

Thai schools are looking for English and other language teachers to prepare Thailand for ASEAN.
Openmind Projects can help you to find volunteer as well as paid teacher opportunities!
If you are looking for a paid job, you have to commit for at least one term, about 6 months and should preferably have a TEFL or similar certificate.
As a volunteer you can come for shorter periods and don’t need a teacher background or TEFL certificate but you should have a good command of the English language, especially spoken English since the focus is on pronunciation and conversation skills.

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We have over 10 years experience of cross culture, teach and volunteer training in SE Asia!

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