Teaching in Southeast Asia, Thailand

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Volunteer overseas teaching EnglishTeaching in Southeast Asia, Thailand

English Teachers wanted

So you have a TEFL/TESL certificate?  Congratulations!  A great start to teach English overseas in Southeast Asia in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Nepal.  There is a great demand for it!

Thailand is looking for language teachers!
Thai schools are looking for English and other language teachers to prepare Thailand for ASEAN.

Openmind Projects can help you to find paid teacher opportunities as well as volunteer placements

If you are looking for a paid job, you have to commit for at least one term, about 6 months and should preferably have a TEFL or similar certificate.
As a volunteer you can come for shorter periods and don’t need a teacher background or TEFL certificate but you should have a good command of the English language, especially spoken English since the focus is on pronunciation and conversation skills.

What do you know about culture in these countries?

What do you know about local culture, how teachers teach, how students are used to learning?  Teaching in Southeast Asia is actually quite different and students learn and behave in a different way!

Volunteer training to teach English in Southeast AsiaAdd Cross Culture Skills to your Teaching English, TEFL, TESL Skills for a successful teaching career!

Teaching skills are not enough by themselves to be able to work effectively in another culture.  You need cross culture skills too!  Whenever a skilled person goes abroad they need to understand the culture and behavior where they goes.  If not, their great skills may not be efficiently used or appreciated!  So add cross cultural skills to your TEFL/TESL and you will be a better teacher!  Join our monthly Cross Culture Training in Thailand or Contact Us for a special training session.

Traditional teaching English in Southeast Asia

English teaching in Southeast Asia is based on rote learning.  Students learn by heart and focus on repetition instead of immediately using what they have just learnt in a conversation.  This means that students can speak very little English when they leave school.  And they especially have no confidence in speaking.  As an English teacher you can play a very important role in helping them: help them improve their conversational skills by practicing their English, listening to and speaking English with you.  New and better job and study opportunities will then open up for them.  Then you make a real difference!

But you need to understand them, their culture to be really successful!

Teach IT, computers in Thailand

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Teaching IT/Computer skills in SE Asia


Are you IT savvy?  If so, great!  Help bridge the digital divide, train the less IT literate overseas in Southeast Asia, in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Nepal where there is a great demand for this kind of training! But know your students and their first! 

You want to teach the modern, state of the art Openmind Projects style in Southeast Asia?

Learn to teach oversees in a different, state of the art and fun way with Openmind Projects.  Improve the futures of the underprivileged in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal by teaching a fun and Learning by Doing way, activity and interaction based, with role plays and more focus on learning to communicate rather than to have perfect grammar.

Why teach the Openmind way?

Teach English overseas in Southeast Asia

Learning English by doing is activity and motivation based: interaction, conversation, role plays, dialogues.  Students have fun as they learn, and retain more in the process.

Learning IT skills is also is also by doing the DED way!  You demonstrate what you can do with a computer.  The students then get time to explore, to try and eventually to discover and learn!

Openmind Projects believes in letting students "Learn by Doing”

Read about Openmind Projects' Learning Philosophy for volunteers teaching English abroad in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.


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