Volunteer with Openmind Projects

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Volunteer with Openmind Projects


Openmind Projects supports local community and grassroots projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.  These projects provide unique volunteer opportunities for Western managers, ex pats, teachers, students, residents and travelers who want to go beyond the touristic scenes to get a real feeling for local culture and a hands on introduction to a totally different way of life.  Managers, ex pats, teachers, students, residents and travelers will all gain invaluable cultural, volunteer, even management experience and satisfaction from volunteering.

Local, community based grass roots projects

Read Horizon International, Yale University about Openmind Projects, a Finalist in the Stockholm Challenge ICT for development.

Long experience, supporting local people and training international volunteers

We started 11 years ago in Thailand as "IT in Isan", an IT training program for poor children (see  Today with over 60 projects in Southeast Asia, including our Training Center in Northeast Thailand, Isan, potential volunteers have a wide choice and good chance to find the project that suits just him or her.

Immediate Cultural Immersion

Volunteers gain an immediate cross cultural and volunteer work abroad understanding in our unique Volunteer and Cross Culture Training.  Over the years we have trained over 2000 volunteers!

Learning for Life, Nature and Future!

We believe knowledge is the key to poverty reduction, democracy and environmental protection.  And we believe ex pats, managers, students, teachers, other professionals and tourists can all contribute while gaining a greater insight into another culture, society than they would otherwise get a chance to do.

What sets Openmind Projects abroad apart from the traditional volunteer organization?

Openmind Projects is not a travel and volunteer organization based overseas.  Our origin is as a local grassroots development aid project in the remote and poor northeastern Thailand, called Isan.  We provide innovative learning and volunteering for local people as well as overseas volunteers.
Eco Volunteer in Southeast Asia

What's in our name?

O·pen-mind·ed (pn-mndd) adj.  Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others.

Our open mind is curious, open to new ideas, to new perspectives on the world, to learn, to change.  We want to open minds, ours, yours and the people we help!

Volunteer with Openmind Projects and help underprivileged people develop the skills they need for a better future

* Teach English and encourage local people to want to learn English.
* Help bridge the digital divide by helping children and teenagers learn how to use computers and the internet.
* Reach out to isolated villages, off the beaten track.
* Develop sustainable and community based eco tourism to draw tourists and earn a welcome extra income.
* Work on wildlife protection projects helping local people learn to safeguard nature and wildlife.

Our unique Cross Culture and Volunteer Training

By volunteering with Openmind Projects you get to learn about a different culture, a new language, new food and new ways of life by immersing yourself in the daily life of the local people.  You start with our very different and extremely useful 3-day Cross Culture and Volunteer Training.  Our local people welcome you, train you, help you to adapt to and experience the true cultures of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  This cross culture and volunteer training is done by making you swim already the first day!


Volunteer with Openmind Projects